A History of Service Based on Excellent Quality and Technological Innovation

CRC Salomon, Inc. is the synergistic merger of two successful court reporting firms. Salomon Reporting brought the prestige of over a century of quality service together with the technological innovations of Court Reporting Concepts.

Salomon Reporting opened for business in 1898, making it the first court reporting firm in Baltimore and the state of Maryland and one of the oldest in the United States. Its longevity is attributed to quality service and accurate work delivered to clients for more than 115 years.

Court Reporting Concepts was started by Duane Smith in 1994. CRC’s reputation and business grew quickly by staying on the leading edge of technological innovation in the field of court reporting. By leveraging technology and thought leadership CRC has quickly attracted prestigious law firms and the best court reporters to the company throughout the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland.

Salomon Reporting and Court Reporting Concepts merged in 2003 to form CRC Salomon, Inc. The merger created one of the largest and most technologically advanced court reporting firms serving:

  • The United States and worldwide with our approved partners
  • Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia
  • The Mid-Atlantic Region

The innovative services of CRC Salomon are available to attorneys, law firms, arbitrators, government agencies and businesses nationwide through our network of court reporting companies that have demonstrated they meet CRC Salomon’s high standards of reliability, accountability and service quality.

CRC Salomon, Inc—As Always, Here and Ready When You Are

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